ALBUM: Omah Lay – Boy Alone (Deluxe)

Omah Lay Boy Alone Deluxe ALBUM


Nigerian music sensation Omah Lay has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his unique blend of afro-fusion and R&B. After the immense success of his debut album “Boy Alone,” Omah Lay is set to astound listeners once again with the highly anticipated “Boy Alone Deluxe” extension.

The deluxe edition promises to take the original album to new heights, showcasing Omah Lay’s growth as an artist and his unyielding commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

“Boy Alone Deluxe” presents a compelling evolution in Omah Lay’s musical journey. The extension serves as a testament to his relentless pursuit of artistic growth, delving deeper into his introspective thoughts, emotions, and personal experiences. Omah Lay’s signature velvety vocals, heartfelt lyricism, and infectious melodies remain at the album’s core, but the deluxe edition introduces an elevated level of maturity and sophistication to his sound.

Boy Alone Deluxe Album Tracklist

Omah Lay extends the original album’s tracklist to include a selection of brand new songs that seamlessly integrate with the existing repertoire. These additions provide a fresh perspective on Omah Lay’s artistry and expand the listener’s experience beyond the initial release. Each track on the deluxe edition contributes to the cohesive narrative of self-reflection, vulnerability, and resilience that Omah Lay has crafted with his music.

reason | DOWNLOAD MP3

come closer | DOWNLOAD MP3

it’s yours | DOWNLOAD MP3

imagine (feat. Aitch) | DOWNLOAD MP3

joanna | DOWNLOAD MP3

soso Remix with Ozuna | DOWNLOAD MP3

recognize | DOWNLOAD MP3


bend you | DOWNLOAD MP3

woman | DOWNLOAD MP3

i’m a mess | DOWNLOAD MP3

temptations | DOWNLOAD MP3

understand | DOWNLOAD MP3

never forget | DOWNLOAD MP3

safe haven | DOWNLOAD MP3

attention with Justin Bieber | DOWNLOAD MP3


how to luv | DOWNLOAD MP3

tell everybody (feat. Tay Iwar) | DOWNLOAD MP3

purple song | DOWNLOAD MP3


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