Cops Beat Nursing Mother To Stupour In Abuja

Police officers joined to Nyanya Police Station, Abuja Municipal Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory on Friday beat Helen Abubakar, a 26-year-old nursing mother to Stupour, Igbere TV has learnt.

As per FIJ, Helen Abubakar, was delayed the floor by the cops for requesting to see the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) accountable for the station.

Helen was at the police headquarters to see her brother by marriage who was captured and confined after he was gotten with N1,000 takes note of certain clients paid him with at the parlor where he worked.

Inconvenience started when Helen requested to talk with the DPO over the man’s proceeded with detainment after the genuine culprits of the wrongdoing had been found, captured and delivered.

“At the point when I got to the police headquarters, I asked what it would take to bail him, however they overlooked me. At that point I requested individuals that gave him the phony naira notes and discovered that they had been delivered. In the event that the genuine culprits of the wrongdoing had been bailed for what reason wouldn’t we be able to bail our own individual?” she told FIJ.

“I inquired as to whether it was on the grounds that the court was protesting, and afterward they lost control. They asked what my identity was to request that they prosecute a case. They said they wouldn’t permit his bail any longer and inquired as to whether I realized the street to court. I said I would call a legal advisor companion and afterward a cop drew nearer and began pushing me.

“The DCO1 came and requested that I describe what occurred. While I was attempting to disclose to him, different officials came and began bugging me verbally. So I disclosed to them I needed to see the DPO. By then the DCO1 whom I had thought was a dependable man pushed and hit me. Different officials at that point jumped on me and began beating me. At the point when I pulled my hair from the DCO1’s hands, the beating expanded. They asked what my identity was to say I needed to see the DPO. A police officer went along with them. She even messed with me on the back.”

Helen said the beating and hauling was such a lot of that she believed she planned to pass on. When they got done with her, she was at that point so feeble. She arrived at the Nyanya General Hospital, where she was dealt with that evening.

Albeit the Public Complaints Unit of the Nigeria Police Force contacted her after the story was shared on the web-based media, Helen said she was at this point to get equity.

While talking with FIJ on Sunday, she said cops at the Nyanya Police Station dishonestly blamed her for slapping a senior cop and had wouldn’t apologize to her for the attack.

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